The Nicolaus Copernicus’ House

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closed Mondays

From 1st May to 30th September:
Tuesday – Sunday
10am – 6pm
From 1st October to 30th April:
Tuesday – Sunday
10am – 4pm


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Exhibition Hall – normal ticket 26,00 PLN
Exhibition Hall – reduced ticket 21,00 PLN
3D film – normal ticket 26,00 PLN
3D film – reduced ticket 21,00 PLN
Admission to the permanent exhibitions is free on Thursday!


Movie descriptions

Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń
(20 min.)
The film will take the audience back to the time when Nicolaus Copernicus and his family lived in Toruń. The viewers will also be able to see the places where the great astronomer lived and learn about the history of his family.

The Universe
(20 min.)
An interesting film made with great sparkle presenting current knowledge about the Universe and its history starting from the Big Bang finishing with the explorations of Albert Einstein.

Predecessors and followers of Nicolaus Copernicus
(20 min.)
The screening will remind the audience of the most important events in the history of research into the history of studies of the Universe before and after the Copernicus’ breakthrough. The viewers will also learn about the most important scholars, predecessors and followers of the astronomer from Toruń.

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Nicolaus Copernicus was undoubtedly born in Toruń and, therefore, it is here that two historical tenement houses, which used to belong to Copernicus’ family, house a museum with its exhibitions presenting the great astronomer and his achievements.

Owing to major renovation in the years 2017–2018,  the Nicolaus Copernicus’ House gained an unsurpassed new glitter. Today it is a place combining the most recent multimedia technologies and historical tissue of a medieval house. Visitors may expect knowledge and excitement focusing around three issues, namely old and contemporary knowledge, everyday life of a middle-class family in a late Hanseatic household and the life and works of Nicolaus Copernicus.

Visitors can admire a modern multimedia interactive exhibition using the greatest achievements of the contemporary museum science, namely smartphone applications allowing visitors to extend their knowledge about the exhibition, an audio guide in three language versions (Polish, English and German) and audio description, extended reality, 3D cinema with films about astronomy, history of the universe, great scientific discoveries, the medieval city of Toruń, holograms or visual displays.

One of the new things in the museum is an exceptional medieval roof truss open to visitors. From there visitors can admire a show with starry skies, as it is there that young Nicolaus saw starts for the first time.

The architecture of the 15th-century Gothic house and historical objects also made it possible to restore the reality of everyday life of middle-class families in interiors of a late medieval household. Numerous objects, including, in particular, those showing material culture and customs of middle-class families from Toruń originate from archeological excavations in the Old and New City of Toruń.

The Museum will be OPEN on the following days and holidays: 06 January (Epiphany), 01 April (Easter Monday), 01 May (Labour Day), 02 May (Polish Flag Day), 03 May (Constitution Day), 19 May (Pentecost Sunday), 30 May (Corpus Christi), 15 August (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary), 11 November (Polish Independence Day), 26 December (Second Day of Christmastide)

The Museum will be CLOSED on the following days and holidays: 1 January (New Year), 29 March (Good Friday), 30 March (Holy Saturday), 31 March (Easter Sunday), 01 November (All Saints Day), 24 December (Christmas Eve), 25 December (Christmas Day), 31 December (New Year’s Eve)